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Friday, July 6, 2012

Wow, after only blogging for almost 2 weeks, I just received my first two Blog Awards, one called "The Versatile Blogger," and the other called "The One Lovely Blog Award."  I was nominated by Antonia at Forkin 4th .  Thank you so much Antonia!    

After being nominated, I searched for bloggers who didn't already have these two awards, so I could nominate them.  It was so much fun to find more inspiring teacher blogs!  :)

Rules for "The Versatile Blogger" Award:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their site.
3. Include the award image in your post.
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 15 (so hard to find blogs who don't have these awards, I tried :)) other bloggers for the award.
6. When nominating, include a link to their site.
7. Let other bloggers know they've been nominated.

Here are the blogs I am nominating for "The Versatile Blogger," and "The One Lovely Blog" Awards are:

Step By Step Into Second Grade
Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes
Joy of Life 2011
2nd Grade Glance
Classroom Craft

Rules for "The One Lovely Blog" Award:
1. Follow the person who gave you the award.
2. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
3. Share the love! Pass the award onto 15 (or 5)new bloggers!

And for the completely random 7 facts about myself:
  1. I am married to my best friend, and he is so supportive of me and my love of teaching!
  2. I have two Ragdoll cats, named Lucas and Abby.
  3. My favorite color is blue.
  4. While we were in Oregon on vacation, we blew glass and created a beautiful glass float.
  5. I love the beach; we were married there and live so close we visit it often.  
  6. I am originally from Washington State, but San Diego is my second home now.
  7. Pear flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans are my favorite candies.  :)
That was really fun!  Thanks again Antonia for nominating me for these 2 awards.  



  1. Welcome to Blogland and thanks for the awards.

    rubber boots and elf shoes

    1. You're welcome. I loved looking through your blog. I am going to go back to it often. :) I looked through some of the anti-bullying things you posted, because I start the year off with teaching our 7 virtues, introducing my 'Bucket filling' activities, and our school wide "Say No to Bullying" week. Thanks for posting your ideas.


  2. Thank you for my awards. I Love your blog so much. It is original and oh so cute. Love all the ideas too!

    1. You're welcome! I liked reading about your 7 random was cute that you said you were posting while on vacation. I am so new to blogging, but it is very fun and addicting. :)

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