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Monday, July 21, 2014
My Monday Made It, Week #2.

Last week I had the opportunity to teach during our blended learning summer academy. It was the best week ever! I learned so many things to use in my classroom with my 2nd graders once we have our 1:1 devices. =)

"Kidblog" was a fun way to turn paper/pencil comprehension questions about a specific text that was read, into a living document where students can interact and comment back and forth with their peers. 

I also plan on using "Google Docs" as a resource for students to journal write to me, for creating writing projects, and much much more! 

During this week, we also used Edmodo for a lot of activities. Edmodo is a great resource for students to access in a blended learning environment. We posted videos, assigned questions for students to answer, created a quiz, and even had the whole class take a poll on their favorite "Rural" animal. It was amazing to see these kiddos and their enthusiasm to watch the video, pause it, take notes, and even rewind to go back to hear something again. =)

There were programs like ST Math and Imagine Learning that were excellent for them to access during the week too. The week went by so quickly, and I am thrilled that I had the chance to participate in this experience. I am excited to try out certain apps and programs with our 1:1 devices!

Technology Rules!!! =)

Anyway, on to my "Monday Made It" for today, since last Monday I was so busy with our summer academy.

I am linking up with Tara again...

I was finally able to get into my classroom, and really start unpacking things, organizing, and cleaning...but all I really wanted to do was to decorate it! =)

Here is the first thing I put together.

A cute little anchor chart that I found on tpt, made by Natalie's Nook.

I also found these baskets from Big Lots for $1.30 for 2.

I added little chalkboard tags with their student number. They will make great "Reading Book Baskets" to keep books, mini flash lights, and bookmarks inside. 

I LOVE how they make their cubbies colorful! 

From blah... colorful! =)

And finally I worked on taping up the laminated pieces of card stock paper, that I hang a large paperclip on to display student work. Lots of taping! =)

I printed and laminated the student numbers from Tara's Homework Club, but I used them for my cupboard doors instead! Thanks Tara! =) I am going to use some magnets that are smaller to make the Homework Club display that Tara made.  

Wow, that was a really long post, but I wanted to share a little of my wonderful experience in our blended learning summer academy. I am very excited to get our devices, and to begin this learning process with my 2nd grade kiddos. =)



  1. EXCELLENT work adding color and fun to your classroom decor! Your students will feel great in such an organized, welcoming, beautiful space!


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