Mystery Walker...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Mystery Walker Idea...

So I found this idea off of Pinterest, which was from Amy's very cute blog called "What Happens in First Grade."  My 4th graders LOVE it!  It has really helped with the chatting in line.  4th graders LOVE to talk with their friends!  ;)  

They are all so quiet when I come outside to pick them up.  I bought some cute Angry Bird erasers and Sock Monkey buttons that I have been using as a prize for the "Mystery Walker."  

Here are a couple of pictures of the little bucket I keep my "Mystery Walker" tokens in... 

Cute pail from Target...

Some ribbon and a sign...

Little red tokens...

Students' names...equals "Mystery Walker."


Math Anchor Charts...

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Well I finally took some pictures of the Anchor Charts I have hanging up in my classroom.  I was so inspired by all of the teachers that have been sharing their ideas for Anchor Charts on their blogs and on Pinterest.  My 4th graders LOVE the charts, and we even do smaller versions of them in our Interactive Math Journals.

This is my Anchor Chart for the "Good Guys, Bad Guys" trick we use for Rounding.  They LOVE it!

"Good Guys, and Bad Guys."  =)

I found this idea on Pinterest too.  It is a great Anchor Chart for my 4th graders to access. 

Our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. KWL Chart.

I found this one on Pinterest too, from the blog called "Thinking of Teaching." 

I love how this one turned out!  It was also a Pinterest Idea...

I wrote this chart after seeing the Poem on "Classroom Magic's" blog. 

My 4th graders went crazy for this Anchor Chart!  It came from Ms. Glantz.  She has a great blog.  =)

I am so happy that I finally posted some of the Anchor Charts I have been making.  Now, off to go check out Pinterest for more teaching ideas.  Have a wonderful weekend.


Sweet Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013
We had a fabulous Valentine's Day today.  I am so blessed to have such great 4th graders.  They all really loved the "7 Days of Valentine's" and today they felt even more love from their friends.  

We did some fractions with our candy hearts, and a "Minute it to Win it" game after we simplified our candy fractions.  They loved trying to stack their candy hearts in a tall tower before the timer went off.  It was so fun to watch them concentrate.  

In the afternoon, we exchanged our Valentine cards and treats.  

The first picture I am posting is all of the thoughtful gifts I received today.  The second picture is all of the tiny Valentine cards from my kiddos.  I cut some of them down and put them on paper to add to my scrapbook, but first I like to hang them up in the classroom. The third picture is a little Valentine card I made with some Burt's Bees Chap-stick to give to my teacher friends.   

Hope you had a wonderful day today too!

So generous...

I love looking back at these in future years!

Valentine Cards for my teacher friends...


"7 Days of Valentine's" Day 7

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Day 7...

Today my kids had some heart stickers on their desks.  Day 7 is complete: 7 Days of Sweet Valentines!  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and they are each getting a Bouncy Ball Valentine that I found off of Pinterest.  

Here are the pictures for Day 7, and my Valentines:  Have a wonderful day tomorrow.  =)

This is the Valentine note to my kids for Day 7.
Heart Stickers!  =)

 Love this Valentine idea!  Bouncy Balls...

34 done and made! 

I'm excited to had these out tomorrow.

I have a great class of 4th graders!



"7 Days of Valentine's" Day 6

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Day 6...

Today I put three Hershey Kisses on their desks.  They loved having a little Sweet treat!  

Here are the pictures for Day 6:

This is the Valentine note to my kids for Day 6.

Yum!  Chocolate Kisses...  =)


Working on Math Games..."Egg-cellent Fractions, Warm and Cozy Factors, etc..."

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Math Games made for my "Weekly 7" and after school Math group...

I love Tara's blog "4th grade Frolics," and I finally finished putting together a couple of the games I purchased from her TPT store.  She is so inspiring to me as a teacher; and I hope one day my blog will be a wonderful as hers!  =)  

Anyway, here are some pictures of the games I purchased and made to add to my "Weekly 7" and after school Math group.

I love the Egg-cellent Fractions game Tara created!  I added the directions for 'How to Play' using the plastic egg shells to cover the chicks on the game board I put together.  It is an awesome matching game.  

Makes me ready for Spring!  =)

4th Grade Frolics Game...

I turned it into a Game Board with plastic egg shells.

I changed the directions a little to be able to use the plastic eggs.

Such a cute game!

Here are the other games I bought from Tara's store:

Warm and Cozy Factors Game...

Cute, tiny plastic box to store the Factor Cards!  =)

I put this game into plastic pages, so kids can use dry erase markers to show how they came up with the factors. 

Task Cards for Math...also from her store!

It was so much fun putting all of these games into plastic pages, and even more fun teaching my after school group how to play them.  They LOVE the fractions game and the eggs!

I am off to go look for more ideas on blogs and Pinterest!  I am enjoying my three day weekend!  



"7 Days of Valentine's" Day 5

Friday, February 8, 2013
Day 5...

Today they all got a cute Valentine Pencil!  My 4th graders always need pencils.  =)  It was very nice to hear so many "Thank you Mrs. Finch."

Here are the pictures for Day 5:

This is the Valentine note to my kids for Day 5.

Cute Pencils!



"7 Days of Valentine's" Day 4

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Day 4...

You should have heard my kiddos when they looked through the windows and saw these adorable dessert erasers on their desks.  I saw these erasers on so many blogs, that I had to find them.  =)  I bought them at Target, and they were a real hit!

Here are the pictures for Day 4:

This is the Valentine note to my kids for Day 4.

Strawberry pie!  =)

Such cute erasers!


"7 Days of Valentine's" Day 3

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Day 3~

My kids were so thrilled to see the napkin with their fish cracker treats on their desks today!  

Here are the pictures for Day 3:

This is my Valentine note to my kids for Day 3. 

Fish Crackers!  YUM!!! =)



"7 Days of Valentine's" Day 2

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Day 2~

Today my kids each had a Glow Stick Bracelet on their desks.  They love those things!  =)

Here are the pictures for Day 2; stop by tomorrow and see Day 3.  

This is my Valentine note to my kids for Day 2...

Everyone got a Glow Stick Bracelet!



"7 Days of Valentine's" Day 1

Monday, February 4, 2013
I am linking up to Tara's fabulous blog, "4th Grade Frolics,"  and her Monday Made It.  I have things that I have made and or purchased to put on my kiddos' desks for my "7 Days of Valentine's!"  Visit my blog tomorrow to see what is in store for Day 2.  =)

Day 1~

I am putting a little treat on my 4th graders' desks each day leading up to February 14th.  

My kids loved coming in and seeing a little something on their desk.  They are so excited for tomorrow.  I am too!  =)

This is my Valentine Note to my kids for Day 1...

They each received a "Joyful Gem."
Here are the pictures:



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