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Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Sweet Little "Rolo" Candy Pencils...

I am so excited that I have 50 followers now!  I am glad that I started this blog this summer.  I have learned so many new things, and it is fun to be able to look back on the things I made or found on other teachers' fabulous blogs. =)

I wanted to share these Sweet little 'Rolo' Candy Pencils I made for my students on "Back to School Night."  I found the idea on Thrifty and Thriving, by Christy.  It was such a cute idea, and so easy.  

Here are the pictures of my Sweet Candy Pencils:

It was so easy...first I cut small pink pieces of paper and taped them around one end of the candy bar.  I also cut circles to tape on top to cover the end of the candy bar.  Then I glued on a hershey kiss.  


I folded yellow card stock to make the creases and taped that around the candy bar too.  I cut pieces of foil and taped that around to cover where the yellow and pink paper over lapped.  I wrote the #2 on with a sharpie, and tied on my little "Welcome to Back to School Night."  


I am going to have my 4th graders write a letter to their parents and leave it on their desk.  Then I will lay one of the candy pencils on top of their letters, to surprise them when they come to "Back to School Night."  

They are going to LOVE them, and they can eat them.  I think they are almost too cute to eat...I said almost...who can resist chocolate and caramel???  =) 



  1. I think these turned out super cute, thanks for sharing the tutorial! :)

    1. You are welcome. I love how they look too; I am so excited to give them to my 4th graders and to see their reaction. :)


  2. Those are so cute!! I love them! Your kids will love them too! I'm your newest follower and a 4th grade teacher too!

    Craft of Teaching

  3. Thank you Nichole. I love your blog. I will definitely be back to check it out and get more ideas for my 4th grade classroom.


  4. Love your blog Janna!! It's even more fun to see it in action. It's so awesome working with you.


    1. Hey You! I am so glad you checked out my blog; feel free to visit it as often as you want. =) I love working with you guys too! We have a very supportive and positive team. I am excited for this year, and for all of our awesome 4th graders!


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