Personalized Pencil Boxes...

Saturday, August 18, 2012
Pencil Boxes to Decorate...

I am so excited for my 4th graders to be able to color and design their own pencil boxes this year!

I found these heavy duty, foldable pencil boxes on Really Good Stuff's website.  I used zipper pouches last year, and they held up okay, but some zippers were breaking.  I don't really like how messy the plastic pencil boxes can get, so I decided to try these.  

I will encourage my students to decorate the sides with pictures that mean something to them and represent themselves in some way.  It will be a great "Welcome Back to School" Art project, and I think they will LOVE being able to take these little boxes home with them at the end of the school year.  

Here are some fun pictures of my decorated box...  =)

My attempt at drawing Skippyjon Jones.

Inside...lots of room for school supplies!  :)


Bucket Filling Videos...

Monday, August 13, 2012
I found these videos on Denise's blog "Yearn to Learn."  I went to School Tube and copied the links to email out to the teachers at my school, so they could share them in their classrooms.  

I do a lot with Bucket Filling, so it was wonderful to find these adorable videos that I can show to my 4th graders.  I hope you can use them in your classrooms too.  Enjoy!

Here are the links:

Episode 2: 
"Like Episode 3":
 Episode 4:

"I like totally, like episode 3.  It is like the way coolest most grooviest video like ever!  =)  My 4th graders are going to love these videos, and it would be a great example for us to use to create our own Bucket Filling videos. 


Math Facts and Games

Sunday, August 12, 2012
I am linking up to Tara's "Monday Made It" once again.   

Math Flash Cards and Math Games...

I added a simple label to the outside of some index card boxes to keep my Math Flash Cards inside, and they fit perfectly inside these little boxes.  =)  I also made boxes for my Flash Cards about the 50 states and presidents.  The Flash Cards were from Target's Dollar bins.  It is always so great to find things from there!

I also laminated two more Math from Tara at "4th Grade Frolics," (Monster Multiplication).  Cute, little Monsters! =)

The other (Safari Make a Ten, Go Fish) from Melanie from her "TPT Store," it is another free download, and a cute way to review or for some of my newcomer kids to play.   

 I am getting very excited for my first day meeting my new 4th graders.  I have one and half more weeks of setting things up.  It will be here before I know it.  =)


50 Followers is a Sweet Thing...Thank You Everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Sweet Little "Rolo" Candy Pencils...

I am so excited that I have 50 followers now!  I am glad that I started this blog this summer.  I have learned so many new things, and it is fun to be able to look back on the things I made or found on other teachers' fabulous blogs. =)

I wanted to share these Sweet little 'Rolo' Candy Pencils I made for my students on "Back to School Night."  I found the idea on Thrifty and Thriving, by Christy.  It was such a cute idea, and so easy.  

Here are the pictures of my Sweet Candy Pencils:

It was so easy...first I cut small pink pieces of paper and taped them around one end of the candy bar.  I also cut circles to tape on top to cover the end of the candy bar.  Then I glued on a hershey kiss.  


I folded yellow card stock to make the creases and taped that around the candy bar too.  I cut pieces of foil and taped that around to cover where the yellow and pink paper over lapped.  I wrote the #2 on with a sharpie, and tied on my little "Welcome to Back to School Night."  


I am going to have my 4th graders write a letter to their parents and leave it on their desk.  Then I will lay one of the candy pencils on top of their letters, to surprise them when they come to "Back to School Night."  

They are going to LOVE them, and they can eat them.  I think they are almost too cute to eat...I said almost...who can resist chocolate and caramel???  =) 



Monday, August 6, 2012
I am linking up to Tara's "Monday Made It" today, and sharing a few pictures of the things I have finished...

I love how my Homeworkopoly Board, that I described in my earlier post, looks on my white board!  I just need to buy some magnets to put on the back of my game pieces, and it will be ready for my 4th graders to play. =)




I have been going in to my classroom to set things up, and to get ready for school, which begins on the 23rd.  It is starting to look really nice in there.  I added the cute numbered clothespins to my Math Homework basket today.  

This is how I use them...
When students turn in their Math homework to the basket, they remove their clothespin clip and put it in the clear container.  It is a great visual for me to quickly see whose clip is left on the basket.

I also set up my "Bucket Filling" praise notes area, where my students can pick up a praise note to write on and fill or classroom bucket.  On Fridays, we read the praise notes aloud and hand them out to each other.  I usually write all of the students' names on the slips I created, and hand them out randomly to the kids.   This way I know everyone will get at least one note from their classmates.  

I think that is it for now.  =)  I am going to go visit some blogs, and see what other fabulous ideas I can gather from other teachers' "Monday Made Its."  I love seeing all of the pictures of other teachers' classrooms too!!!  I get so many ideas on how to set up centers, decorate the room, and organize things. 


It's almost "Back to School" time for me!

Thursday, August 2, 2012
Began to set things up in my Classroom today!!!

I finally went to the school to see how my classroom was doing.  :)  The rugs were nice and clean, and things looked okay in there.  I spent a few hours dusting and cleaning, and I am glad I went in early to do that.  

I also hung up my Homeworkopoly Game Board, but forgot my camera at home, so I will post pictures later.  It was the first time I put magnet strips on bulletin board borders, and made part of my white board into an actual bulletin board.  It was time consuming to get it all hung up, but I love it.  

I am excited for this school year to start and to meet my new 4th graders.  I hope all of you have great school years this year too.   

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