It's almost "Back to School" time for me!

Thursday, August 2, 2012
Began to set things up in my Classroom today!!!

I finally went to the school to see how my classroom was doing.  :)  The rugs were nice and clean, and things looked okay in there.  I spent a few hours dusting and cleaning, and I am glad I went in early to do that.  

I also hung up my Homeworkopoly Game Board, but forgot my camera at home, so I will post pictures later.  It was the first time I put magnet strips on bulletin board borders, and made part of my white board into an actual bulletin board.  It was time consuming to get it all hung up, but I love it.  

I am excited for this school year to start and to meet my new 4th graders.  I hope all of you have great school years this year too.   



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