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Thursday, May 16, 2013
I'm linking up to Tara's "Monday Made It," and sharing my encouraging notes for my 4th graders during the testing week.
4th Grade Frolics
Sweet little notes for my 4th graders!

Each day this week, I have left a little note to encourage my 4th graders before they began their portion of the CST test.  I found lots of ideas on Pinterest and other teacher's blogs for cute little sayings and incentives.  

Plus we made our "Rock the CST" beaded bracelets again this year, for them to wear each day and encourage them to do their very best on the test.  I need to blog about my beaded "Rock the CST" bracelets later, and share my idea for this bracelet.  That will be my next blog post!  Just trying to finish this week of state testing, and looking forward to the weekend.  =)

Here are some of the pictures of the little notes I gave them this week:

Cute little BEE!
"Rock the CST" Bracelets...  I will blog about my idea for these later.  =)

Cute note cards I purchased from Positive Promotions!  I love their site!

From Positive Promotions...

My 4th graders are SHINING on their Test!  They LOVED these heat sensitive pencils from Positive Promotions. 

Tomorrow is our last day of Testing!  They are getting fish crackers and a little note card that says they are "O'fishally" finished with the test!  =)  I am so PROUD of how hard they worked!  We are all going to enjoy having the weekend to relax. 


Mother's Day Craftivity...

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Welcome to the "Ma' Spa!"

I found this very cute idea on Pinterest and on a fabulous blog called Lesson Plan S.O.S.  I prepped all of the supplies I needed, and I made up a Shopping List for my students to use as they browsed for the materials they needed to create their Mother's Portraits.  My 4th graders had a great time with this activity, and I even made a portrait of my mom too.  

Enjoy the pictures below, 
and Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

The sign I made to hang up in our Store...

Shopping List...
They could spend up to $5.00 of imaginary money...

Large construction paper for the background...

Colorful Scrapbook paper for clothing...

Cute earrings...=)


Chalk for make-up...this was so much fun to use!

All the supplies laid out for browsing, and then shopping!

 Pictures of our Moms!!!

Aww, my sweet Mom!  =)

Zahraa's pretty mom...

Zahlaya's mom has great jewelry!  =)
Adrian's mom...

I love the eyeshadow Andrena used for her mom's eyes.

Cole's mom...

Daniel's mom has some great detail.

Jacqueline's mom looks so happy! 

Madisson did some great layers on her mom's hair!

Sophia's mom looks beautiful!

I love how kind and sweet Tebaa's mom looks.

Yocelin did an amazing job.

 They all did such a wonderful job on their beautiful portraits.  
Their Moms will LOVE getting these. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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