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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Janna's Joyful Gems!

I finally finished making my version of the idea I got from Tara at 4th Grade FrolicsThanks Tara!  :)

Anyway, I tried to find bigger glass gems, but I was so excited to make mine that I just tried making the smiley faces on the smaller size gems.  It worked, and I love how they turned out!  I used Oil Based pens and created little smiley faces on the flat side of the glass gems.  
I bought a cute jar from the "Container Store," and glued a ribbon around the edge, and made a tag to tie on to my Joyful Gems Jar.

My 4th graders love little, small knick-knacks!  I am either going to hand out these Joyful Gems when I catch a student showing kindness, being happy, or displaying one of our school's 7 virtues.  

Or, I might have the whole class earn the Joyful Gems in my glass jar.  I could have them earn the gems in increasing increments starting with 10, then 20, 30, and so on.  They could earn rewards that would increase too, like maybe a bookmark first, fun PE game, Extra recess, Art, and then finally filling up the entire jar for a Joyful Gems Party!!!  

Once we had the party, I could start giving the gems away to kids showing joy.  I am looking forward to talking with my new 4th graders about our 7 Virtues, being a "Bucket Filler," finding joy in all things, and choosing to be a happy, positive person.  :)

Joyful Gems would also be fun for kids to make with their parents, and for parents to use as a positive incentive, and hopefully bring more joy and happiness into their homes!  

Just looking at the little smiley faces through the jar makes me happy; check them out.



  1. Happy Friday,

    Just stopped by to say that I'm glad I found your blog! And, The Versatile Blogger and The One Lovely Blog [AWARDS] are yours. Come visit my blog to accept them!

    P.S. my sincere apologies if you've already been nominated, but that means your blog is being well-stalked by other teachers!! :)

    Your follower & fellow blogger,

    Antonia @ forkin 4th

  2. The jar turned out super cute. I know your students will love it!

    :) Nancy

  3. Thank you so much Nancy. I loved looking at your blog. :)

    Fabulous Finch Facts

  4. Those are so cute! I wonder if I could get first graders to keep them out of their mouth!

    Your newest follower!

    1. Thanks for following me Stephany. I just followed your blog, and I plan on visiting it again. :)

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