Fabulous Teacher Toolbox!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
I LOVE my Teacher Toolbox! =)

I just finished taping in my last label for my cute Teacher Toolbox.  I was inspired by all of the toolboxes I saw on so many blogs, so I bought mine from Lowes.

I primed it, spray painted it white, glued on a cute ribbon, and made my beachy labels.  I can't wait to set it up in my classroom and fill the drawers.  
I am loving my summer vacation, blogging, and getting so many fabulous ideas to use for this fast approaching school year.  

Now I am off to go read some more from my Guided Math book by Laney Sammons.  =)  If you have any advice or ideas on how you implement the strategies in your classroom, feel free to leave me a comment.



  1. You have so many great ideas! I love your teacher tool box. I am your newest follower and a fellow 4th grade teacher! I found you one Teaching Blog Addict. Come check out my blog:
    Fancy Free in Fourth

    1. Thank you Layla. I just followed your blog. It is a beautiful blog, and I will definitely be back to visit it again. :)



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