"Bucket Filling" Praise Notes

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Every month I wrote little praise notes on cute die-cuts for each of my 4th graders, and hung them on the bulletin board titled "Praise Notes from Mrs. Finch."  

My 4th graders loved getting these personal notes so much, that I noticed they were saving them in their binder pockets or pencil pouches.  At the end of this school year, I made up one last praise note for each of my students.  I typed up a list of adjectives that I felt described each one of my 4th graders, and made a cute decorative page they could keep in their 3-ring binders.  Check out a few of the pictures I took of their individual "Bucket Filling" Praise Notes!  

I added their school pictures, but covered them up for my blog.



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