Friday, April 10, 2015

I am very excited about my "Salutations" Project through Donors Choose! My 2nd graders are going to be thrilled to read E.B. White's beloved novel, Charlotte's Web.

I have purchased books for small groups, but I have never had a complete class set of books. This will be fun for my students to have their own copy of the book to actually hold in their hands as we read.

I am looking forward to our Charlotte's Web Unit! I have a lot planned from writing activities, art projects, and even some STEM experiments. I can hardly wait. 

If you would like to help my students experience this unit, please make a donation to my "Salutations" Project and help us get a class set of books. Also, using the promo code [SPARK] when you donate will allow your donation to be matched by Donors Choose

Thank you for helping my 2nd graders and future students, to be able to experience all of the life lessons in this novel and to strengthen their love of reading, writing, and STEM skills!



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