Angle Art

Sunday, June 9, 2013
Angle Art!

I found this cute idea for "Angle Andy" or "Angle Ashley" on Third Grade Love's blog.

I decided to try it with my 4th graders and it turned out so adorable!  We had already been studying our Geometry Topic, and this was a creative way to review angles.  

First, I had them create a background and a picture frame for their Angle Adam or Angle Ashley.  They thought of some really creative landscapes like the park, mountains, beach, underwater, etc...  

After they colored the background, they each picked three color chenille stems to bend into a shape of a person, which I later glued onto their backgrounds.  They created all different kinds of angles, and these little Angle Adams and Angle Ashleys came to life.  

Here are some of the pictures:  Enjoy!  I LOVE them all!  They are absolutely adorable.   
Of course I had to make a sample!  =)

Limo, and the Red Carpet!

1D Fan!!!  =)

She even made a yellow inchworm.

So Cute!

At the beach...


Tropical Angle Adam!

Swimming in the ocean.

At the Park.

Rock Climbing...

Planting Tulips...

In Mexico, lounging on a beach chair!

Island fun...

My favorite one...Scuba diving with the Sharks!!!

Scuba Angle Adam...

Stylin' Angle Adam at the beach!

All of my 4th graders did an AMAZING job on our Angle Art!



  1. So cute! I am pinning this so I remember it for next year!

  2. Thanks Bethany! My kids loved making them. I had fun creating my sample too. =)



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