Love my 4th graders! "Surf Buddies" Art.

Saturday, September 8, 2012
I am so thrilled with the 4th graders I have in my class!  They are all so smart, funny, and sweet.  It has been a busy start to the year...had some class changes, but now things are settling down.  I have 34 students in my class, and they are really becoming close friends. 

I haven't posted for so long, and I need to get back to it.  =)  We have done some fun projects: Personalized our Pencil Boxes, made posters to go with our Read Aloud by Stephen Krensky called "My Teacher's Secret Life," created our "Surf Buddies," Puzzle Races, etc...  

The Puzzle Races we did the first week of school.  I can't remember whose blog I saw the idea on, but it was a really fun activity that helped my students learn how to be a team player.   (If you know whose blog it was from, please leave me a comment, so I can link it back to them).  

Our "Surf Buddies" are so cute too; thanks to the idea from Corrina at Surfin' Through Second

Here are some pictures of my 4th graders Personalized Pencil Boxes, and "Our Way Cool Surf Buddies!"  Enjoy =)

I love how they made them so realistic!

So cute!

My Surf Buddy! =)

Hung them up in the windows...

 Pictures of some of their Personalized Pencil Boxes:

Ocean theme...

How their desks looked for "Back to School Night."

Pretty Flowers...

Space and the Solar System...
Furry Pets...

Cove's pencil box is "Ocean" themed too... =)

Some Angry Birds and Sponge Bob =)

 I had this student when I taught 2nd grade.  He started the school year with a different 4th grade teacher, but now after all of our class reshuffling, he is in my class!  
Sweet little note from Julian...



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